栗林 拓海


Hi! This is my portfolio.
I’m a Front-end engineer
& Videographer

It's not just about thinking about ideas. It's not just the know-how to produce. I aim to be a flexible creator with both thinking and skill. Currently living in Hokkaido, he was born in 1988, who likes books, libraries, and bonsai.


As a front-end engineer, he is mainly in charge of building HTML, CSS, Javascript, and WebGL. I have experience with Vue.js and Nuxt.js. Also has experience in building CMS with WordPress and Movable Type. A little PHP and MySQL.
I use Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop as videographers. Good at producing live-action video with a story.
A web magazine centered on interviews has been launched and is being operated with partners. It also publishes ZINE.
Currently working as a front-end engineer at Plus D Co., Ltd.

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I like it.
People who have continued to steady efforts,
People who work hard for someone,
People to take care of the family.

I believe want to help such people in their own ability. (By the way, I hate these people. People who do not respect the different values, people who do not hear the story of the other party , people who do not observe the time.)

My slogan is "good creative from the good life". While in the care of yourself and your family time, we are exploring every day do I do to keep a good job.


I will be able to cross to work together in the field of Web and video.

I'm going to shoot mainly live-action. I 's good at is to produce a video that emphasizes lyrical, words, feelings. I am accustomed to shooting with a small number of people.

My favorite web design, which was refreshing information has been organized and is that where the video and photos to the main. Taking advantage of the knowledge of the video, I like building a web site using the animation. I have experience building of Wordpress and Movable Type.

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  • 2020

    Renewed web magazine "Su-Cue".

  • 2019

    Produced a web site for "Hakotto".

  • 2018

    Web site production of woodcraft "craft × craft".

    Blog full renewal of "ARAKAZE NOTE".

  • 2017

    Web magazine "Su-Cue" released.

    Web site full renewal of "Paper goods minico".

  • 2016

    I created a 5 seconds spot video of NHK ETV.Start use in broadcasting than June 2016.

    Independent production: publish the "PROJECT RIAL"

  • 2015

    greenz sponsored [Greens of school] local design class students

  • 2014

    Web site production of "Paper goods minico"

    Participate in "Little Tokyo" of greenz organizers

    Participate in "the Creative Summer Camp" of myJapan organizers

  • 2013

    Planning and production of my wedding

    Blog opened

    Web services "Pic-sent" opened (2014 closed)

  • 2011

    Self-produced movie "Looking for tommorow" production

    Planning, production and operation of the second Sapporo City University Graduation Exhibition Web site

  • 2010

    Interactive art exhibit in ”Hanami: Picnic of Art”

    Showing the self-produced movie "The other side of the shutter" in Sapporo little Fest

  • 2009

    Four produced a radio drama by AM Sapporo Village Radio

    Self-produced movie "The other side of the shutter" is screened at TCU Film Festival

    Operate a broadcast channel in the next-generation multi-segment broadcasting experiment

  • 2008

    Broadcast short movie "My only question" at MARS TV.net

    Three writing a short story to the FM AIR-G 'program "Mana ☆ Viva novel"


  • 2016

    I move to Sapporo city. Although he is an office worker, he also personally produces images and webs.

  • 2014

    I served three years in Web production company of television series.
    And I changed my job in advertising production company with a focus on Web.We are a video production as a private work.
    Now it is exploring the production style, such as it is multiplication of Web and Movie.

  • 2013

    I was married to a partner that was long companionship

  • 2011

    I graduated from the Sapporo City University School of Design. Move to the Tokyo.
    In the University presided over the video production circle, produced a large number of independent films。
    Do the screening event, also participated in the movie contest.
    Expand the range of activities, such as internships and part-time staff participation in the professional field.
    I took part in external projects and steering committee of school events.
    I was production and management of the Web as part of their public relations.I had contracted some of the work of the Web production from the experience.

  • 2007

    "Hokkaido Sapporo intercultual and technological high school" graduated.
    Join the club in the broadcasting station at the high school, start a video production.
    Lesson to learn an overview of the 3DCG and Web production, the challenge is also to such students CG contest.

  • 2001

    Spend a childhood in Fukushima Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefecture.
    Elementary school graduation and at the same time move to Sapporo, Hokkaido.

  • 1988

    Born Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture.