栗林 拓海


Hi! This is my portfolio.
I’m a Front-end engineer
& Videographer

It's not just about thinking about ideas. It's not just the know-how to produce. I aim to be a flexible creator with both thinking and skill. Currently living in Hokkaido, he was born in 1988, who likes books, libraries, and bonsai.



"Ryuzaki Informatics Archaelogy Laboratory" is the institute that conducts research of electronic information on the network. They will understand, such as the age of the culture and customs by analyzing the information of the network. The research will become a resource for the future of humanity.

They are in order to investigate this 2016 this time , launch a Web site. However, as will be the one of the researcher Chris there is something different plan...?


This work is a mockumentary specific work that begins with the Web site to the entrance.By incorporating the audience into the story, it was to have a narrative necessity to interactive elements.

Therefore , this work is viewing media will transition one after another . It's Web site , SNS, video , such as the action in reality. I thought I'd make an interactive work in a position to make a movie. However, Come to complete the work, the work became a pseudo- experience content such as "realistic escape game".

My role